What we do

We are specialized in the portioning, assembly and packing of fresh, chilled, ambient and frozen food components into complete breakfast- and lunchboxes. We work together with our customers when developing new concepts, tailor made for the needs in specific branches. We have a broad network of food suppliers, so we have a solution to every fresh or ambient need. Our work can be divided in two main categories:



In our specially equipped production area, we can assemble and package products in a hygienic manner. We have multiple packaging machines, so we are able to offer different packaging forms.



In our chilled assembly hall, we assemble millions of products into end products every year. These are often separate components, which together form a breakfast or lunch package.


We take good care of your products at I-Pack. We attach great importance to food safety. Our employees are trained to handle food in a safe and good way. I-Pack is certified according to the FSSC22000 V4.1 standard.

We will give your product the attention it deserves.

Download our quality certificate here.


Our customers

Our biggest customers are working in the Airline catering industry, so we are used to comply with high standards and specific wishes. Of course we don’t limit ourselves to the sky, we are capable of creating solutions for every branch. We never back down for any challenge. We are at our best when creating new things and pushing the boundaries.


We make lunch and breakfast products for various European caterers and brokers. We know the market and are able to process large volumes of frozen, chilled or ambient products.


We have several customers who sell their products to the retail channel. We are particularly good at producing frozen foods and can pack them in consumer packages.

How we work


We work in a ‘no-nonsense’ way. Clear agreements and straightforward communication are our way of working. This way we create a pleasant and exceptional relationship with our customers.


High speed and big volumes at low costs. We know the importance of an efficient production plant. At I-Pack, Just in Time is in plenty of time.


People and the environment matter a lot to us. Social innovation and a sustainable way of working are key to us.

Who we are

Tom Harding


“Because we have so little time, we better do something we like, not? Something which gives you energy and which makes you able to give energy. In my experience you can give energy by coaching and motivating people and sometimes you may be able to inspire. If that is possible, why wouldn’t you do it?”


Vincent Snoek


“I get a lot of satisfaction out of creating new things. Making a new product or starting up new production lines. In my career I have been building on businesses and efficient production plants with a good risk spread. I love doing this in our own company now.”


Who we also are

Since the start of I-Pack in January 2013 we have a partnership with the city of Enschede and HRM-company “Helder HRM” from Hengelo. In this partnership already 19 people have found a job at I-Pack. A job that fits. I-Pack offers motivated people a good job, but asks for commitment and a high work rate. This way we can offer our customers a competitive price. Above all working at I-Pack should be fun. Together with our employees we want to build on I-Packs future.

Company details

I-Pack BV

Diamantstraat 44

7554 TA  Hengelo (OV)

Phone number: +31 (0) 74-250 2550

Email: info@i-pack.nu

Internetsite: www.i-pack.nu

Chamber of commerce: 56990820

VAT-number: 852392370B01


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